I introduce myself

My passion for fabrics began when I was very little, mum and dad worked with colored silks, soft and beautiful to the touch and to the eye. They created splendid ties and scarves that were already being sold all over the world at the end of the 70s.

Always a nomad at heart, I started traveling very young to sell the ties of the family business in New York and Tokyo; then in the early 90s I began to discover India and the Orient, intrigued by the stories of my hippie uncles. I create garments that are the reflection of this passionate journey, the mirror of my passions and curiosities.

The collection is made up of items that do not match each other; although linked by a common thread of color, they leave you free to express your style through unique combinations. The long embroidered skirts have now become iconic garments; the embroidered Kaftans are manteau in spring and replace the cardigan in winter. Patchwork kimonos are one-of-a-kind garments that are combined with maxi jacquard scarves with needle-punched inserts and sartorial details.